How To Save On Makeup Products Like A Pro!

When I was 14, I saved a whole week of my lunch money to get my hands on the limited edition of 3 Smokey Eyes Palette, and it was the dearest thing on earth for me. I’m sure most of you beauty addicts out there can relate to that. I used to use it almost every day; tell everyone how much I loved it, until one day the eyeshadows started hitting the pan. It’s real pain when something you love so much is no longer there. But I’m gonna save you from that horror. I’ve collected a bunch of hacks on how you can save on makeup to make the most out of it for you, and your wallet. You can thank me later. 

How to Save On Makeup (and other) products

  1. Know how much product you actually really need.

Knowing how much product you really need for your face and body is very important to save on makeup. Most of us out there make mistake of under-using or over-using our beauty products. Not only does that waste a lot of product but it also does not do what its potential of because of the wrong amount. Here’s a chart that shows exactly how much you really need of your makeup. Now I understand that it might not be the same for a lot of you. For instance, if you have super dry skin or super curly hair, this measurement is almost a joke. This chart is only a general representation and might not work for everybody.


2. Know the doppelgängers

More price does not always equal to better products. There are literally thousands of cheaper alternatives for expensive makeup that work just as good at less than half the price. Here’s a chart of only some of the dupes of popular beauty products that you can get without breaking your bank.


3. Store your nail polish and liquid eye-liners in the fridge


Everyone knows the dread of dried out or clumpy nail polishes right? Here’s a hack for that. To make the most out of your nail polishes, store them in your fridge. It’ll keep them from drying out or getting all clumpy. Try keeping your nail polishes as far from sun or hot spots as possible. If your nail polish is already in that stage, you can try putting in a few drops of nail thinner. It’ll retain the formula and get your nail polish back on track.

4. ALWAYS put the lid on your makeup

I’d like to request you to go to your makeup bag right now and check how many products are missing their lids or are closed improperly. I’m sure we’ll find tons. One of the biggest mistakes people do with their makeup is not care about the lids. Its understandable that in a hurry, its really easy to forget about the lids, but that’s the main reason why you run out of makeup so quickly. Keeping the lid open sucks the life out of it and make it dry and unusable. Also, it’s not very hygienic. So always put the lids on. No excuses.

5. Remember that your makeup is a multitasker

Did you know that you could use one makeup product for multiple purposes. For instance, lipsticks make an awesome natural cheek tint, and mixing a drop of argan oil in your foundation will make your look skin glowy and healthy. You can mix up your blush and bronzer if you’re running out of eyeshadows to funk up your eye game, or you can use your eye-shadow palette for your fill in your eye brows, or highlight, or sculpt your nose and lips. You can also use your old mascara wands as brow tamer. Wash them with some makeup remover and you have yourself a brand new brow taming wand. You just have to bend your brain a little, and you can save up on makeup without having to buy extra makeup.

6. Make them last longer

However if you’ve already committed the sin of forgetting the lids of your makeup, its still not too late. You can still save them.

Mascara: Put a few drops saline or essential oil in your mascara to get the moisture back

Razors: Soak your razors in baby oil to keep them from oxidizing so it’ll stay sharp for a longer period of time

Foundation: Use some facial oils or loose moisturizers to bring your foundation back to life.

Nail Polish: as mentioned above, few drops of nail thinner.

So, what do you think of our guide to save on makeup (and other products) like a pro? Let us know in the comments below. If you have any tricks to save on makeup, please do let us know too. After all, we are all in this together.

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