Kendall Jenner Fall Outfit Dupes! Nothing Above $40!

Kendall Jenner is known best for her style. She has a laid-back style — casual, chic, comfortable, yet stylish. Kendall Jenner’s style is all about the model-off-duty look, but has lately been seen making tons of statements, just like in this outfit here. And it’s a perfect fall outfit!

She’s stepped out wearing a bold Yeezy Distressed Sweater (worth $445), Levi’s Blue Washed Denim Jeans (worth $559), Shoebdar Charissa Pumps (worth $762), making her total outfit roughly around $1800 and more. Now that’s a price not the majority of us can afford, at least I can’t. But that doesn’t exactly have to mean I can’t have her style. So I dug down the internet to find affordable alternatives to her clothing, and luckily I was able to find a very similar result in 10 times less the amount! Here are the cheap Kendall Jenner outfits:


This one’s a similar Distressed Sweater from Zaful for $18. Yep, you saw that right- $18. I mean that’s insane. I admit it’s not exactly the same one as Kendall is wearing but its fairly similar, and I believe it does justice for the price tag.

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I was shocked when I saw this Blue Washed Denim Jeans from Boohoo $26! It’s almost the same as Kendal’s and in less than one-third of the price.

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I gasped at her shoes. The Shoebedar Charissa Heels are to die for and it was so hard to find the exact same pair anywhere on the internet. But I finally found a very similar one on my all time favorite place for shopping shoes online- the lolashoetique! They have the trendiest shoes for the cheapest price. I knew it wouldn’t let me down and it didn’t. The found this Lace Tie Pumps from Lolashoetique for $19.99. I swear the price is unbeatable!


The total price of her outfit: $1800+

The total price of the dupe outfit: $75, with nothing more than $40!


If you want Kylie Jenner’s easy outfit dupe, you can find it at this link.


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