Kylie Jenner Easy Outfit Dupes! All Less Than $30!

This week’s style dupe is Kylie Jenner! I thought it might be perfect to do a fall outfit dupe because first, its fall, and second, she always dresses perfect for fall, or any season to be honest. I’d say Kylie Jenner’s style swings along with her mood. She just wears what she feels like. Somedays she is seen with just sports bra and leggings and somedays she is seen on full rhinestone embroided dress. However, she is always making a statement. Out of all of her fall outfits, I thought these three would be perfect for anyone who is more after basic everyday outfits with a little bit of jazz.

This was the outfit for when she went shopping with her dearest pets Norman and Bambi. Here she’s wearing a really casual laid back shopping outfit with a white knit sweater, blue ripped jeans and white converse. The sunglasses and the fur bag are what steal the spotlight, and oh, also Blue!

Finding the exact same sweater was really difficult. But I could find a similar one in slightly more white colour on prettylittlethings.

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Mom jeans are a staple piece any girl needs in her wardrobe. The best thing about these jeans are that they go with almost everything. You can dress it up and dress it down just as you want. Her Levi’s vintage distressed jeans on this outfit was is $148, whereas this one from are just $28, and its almost the exact same.  I bet you to beat the price!

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Her bag and sunglasses were what stole all my attention at the first glance, well, after Norman and Bambi of course! The bag she’s wearing is the Chanel Limited Edition Shearling Backpack which costs $5,000! I sure wish I could afford it, but I can’t. So I dug up the internet and I was screaming when I finally found the exact same bag on Missguided for $20!!! Compare $5000 with $20; we both know its a deal I sure couldn’t miss.

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The sunglasses were pretty easy to find. Amazon has tons of the same eyeglasses for $10-$20 or less. Her Dior sunglasses are $280.

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