Japanese Skin Care

The Easy Guide to Japanese Skin Care Routine

J-beauty is the short (and sweet) name for the Japanese beauty industry, and I found that a lot of people have been confused between J Beauty and K-Beauty (Korean-Beauty) that has taken the social media by storm in recent times. There is a big difference between K-Beauty and J-Beauty. The best difference I have read in the web is by beauty blogger Nicole from Beauty Tea Time in Tokyo; she says, “Korean beauty is innovative and cutting edge, while Japanese beauty is authentic.”

Everyone knows Japan for producing high quality products. If anything is Japanese, then there is a common understanding that it has been produced at the highest of quality. Same goes for the beauty industry in Japan. All the products are backed and tested with a lot of evidence.


Moreover, even though the Korean beauty products are considered to be one of the most innovative products, the laws in Korea are not as strict as in Japan. So, some of the products might be detrimental to those with sensitive skin. Most of the Japanese products are focused on safety and thus are better user-friendly and less of a source of irritation.

The Japanese Skincare Routine

This step-by-step Japanese skincare routine has to be followed every morning and every evening.

Morning Routine:

i. Facewash

ii. Lotion

iii. Serum

iv. Emulsion and/or moisturiser

v. Sunscreen


Evening routine:

i. Makeup remover

ii. Face wash

iii. Lotion

iv. Serum

v. Emulsion

vi. Moisturiser

Again, this is a daily routine.

Here, you might find two products to be completely unfamiliar: emulsion and lotion. These are the core part of Japanese skin care.

Emulsions are similar to moisturisers, but are slightly lighter and has more moisture ingredient than creams.

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Lotion is more like watery liquid that keeps your pH balanced when you wash your face, i.e. it restores the pH balance when you cleanse it.

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So now that you know the secret, you might be interested to know what some of the best Japanese skin care products are.

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